Flowserve is a pioneer of education by continually improving trainings with the latest technologies that enhance the learning experience

CYBERLEARNING integrates advanced technologies to provide industry leading trainings that provide the most immersive experience for students. These courses improve the effectiveness of traditional classes by fully engaging the user which increases knowledge retention.

Topics explored:

    • Safe startup procedures and the dangers of improper startup procedures
    • Which actions cause failures to occur
    • Four-point curve and affinity laws
    • Familiarize the operators with the cutting system
    • Teach proper cutting techniques that improve safety and equipment reliability
    • Allow operators to practice cutting in a risk free environment

These available courses are enhanced by CYBERLEARNING products:

Centrifugal Pump Fundamentals

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Hydraulic Decoking System and Equipment

Pump and Mechanical Seal Principles

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Pump and Mechanical Seal Reliability

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Pump and Seal Operator Training

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